Alzheimer’s info by dr dale dredsen

Alheimer’s Bredesen Protocol Melbourne

At the Melbourne Acupuncture Clinic we have full training in the course ‘Reversing Cognitive Decline‘ in the United States with Dr Dale Bredesen.

Dr Bredesen is the only published doctor so far that has halted and reversed cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s Dementia.

What we do is combine Dr Bredesen’s diagnostics and protocol with modern acupuncture research. 

We have found very positive cognitive changes in our patients using these approaches together.


What is tested?

Firstly, patients must have a diagnosis from their GP. This will most likely include a cognitive test (eg MOCA) a range of blood tests and a brain MRI (Brain scan).

The first consultation is all about getting to know each other and making a clear diagnosis, as to ascertain which of the 6 types of Alzheimer’s you are. It’s also a question and answer time so you know how the treatment course will progress.

From there we will most likely send you off for further testing, depending on the suspected cause of your Alzheimer’s.

The treatment part of the sessions is a combination of scalp and body acupuncture, herbal prescription, lifestyle and nutrition advice and monitoring/prescribing of supplements which you can purchase yourself under my guidance.

Acupuncture is not a requirement as I understand not everyone wants it, however, from my personal experience, I feel it is a great tool to the program.

As each patient is individual, each one will get a different treatment tailored to their needs. This is the main guiding principle of ‘Functional’ or ‘Holistic Medicine’. You must treat the whole person from every angle. There is no silver bullet drug, but with a multi-modal approach, you approach health from all angles of the Bio-Psycho-Social model.

There have been numerous studies with positive outcomes using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat cognitive decline.

The Treatment

Initial consultations take around 1 hour and subsequent consultations 30-45 minutes.
Weekly sessions including acupuncture yield the best results.

The general time span for improvement (in patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment – MCI) is:

Alzheimer’s treatment duration

These guidelines are estimates from patients I have seen, however not everyone can be helped, especially in very advanced cognitive decline.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your condition, and how we may be able to help.