Acupuncture for
Calf Cramps

Written by Chris Eddy

Calf Cramps

Calf cramps are usually self-limiting; they resolve on their own in 1-3 days. But, sometimes they just hang around and can really ruin your day.


Acupuncture for calf cramps is the quickest, most effective means of relieving calf cramps I’ve come across.

In most instances, 2 sessions is enough to get you out of trouble.

Herbal Medicine

If acupuncture is not your thing, or you just need a little extra help with your chronic calf pain… well, 1800 years ago, the clever Chinese medical sages came up with a simple formula of liquorice and peony root to relax your spasmed muscles.

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Chris Eddy has over 17 years clinical experience and 7 years lecturing experience at RMIT university.

Chris Eddy

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