Long COVID and Acupuncture

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With over 1.8 million recorded COVID cases in Victoria, it is going around. But for many, the effects don’t always pass within a few weeks.

According to the Victorian Government long covid is defined as:
  • shortness of breath
  • cough
  • fatigue/exhaustion
  • concentration/memory issues
  • changes in mood – anxiety, depression, stress, feelings of guilt
  • loss of smell or taste
  • headache
  • sleep issues
  • heart pounding/palpitations/racing heart/chest pain
  • skin rashes
  • muscle aches and joint pains.
These signs and symptoms may continue for weeks or months after contracting the virus. It may or may not be related to how severe your initial virus was.
long covid chinese medicine chris eddy
In Chinese medicine, post viral fatigue has been well documented for over 2,000 years. We have a system that supports the body to recover from fighting illness.
One system we use for herbal medicine has a 6 division category. The first 3 categories relate most to colds, flu’s and viruses.
Our diagnostic system will categorise you into one or a combination of the three. 
For example:
Taiyang: This is when the patient feels achy joints, stiff neck, may be sweating, may really dislike the cold and wind blowing on them. This has it’s own particular acupuncture points and herbs to correct.
Yangming: Is when a patient has more either constant sweating or high fever and dryness. They may have frontal headaches and constipation, or a sluggish bowel. This also has it’s own particular acupuncture points and herbs to correct.
Shaoyang: This is when the person has a sore, dry throat, thirst, nausea, a funny taste in the mouth, rib pain, blocked ears, might be hot and then suddenly cold. The bowels may change to loose or dry or both alternating. This again has it’s own particular acupuncture points and herbs to correct.
I have treated multiple post viral fatigue and post COVID patients over the years. So, if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer.
If you’re in bed and sick, rest up, lot’s of chicken soup. Studies show that chicken soup can be incredibly effective to combat the effects of a virus, especially in children.
Take care out there!

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