Prostadynia/ CPPS

Acupuncture for Prostadynia/ CPPS

Non-Bacterial Prostatitis, also called Prostadynia or CPPS is a treatable, chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men.

I have been treating this condition for the last 17 years with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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How does it start?

It’s cause is unknown. However, In clinic, I notice a few common threads in my patients;

  • Firstly, the original onset of pain is almost always preceded by a stressful event.
  • Underlying this is a burnt-out and deficient body that holds the pain condition for months to years.

Our 4 Step Process

Step 1


We cover a personal, detailed assessment of pain and its origin

Step 2


We design a personalized treatment plan and explain the time frame for your plan

Step 3


Whether it be acupuncture, herbs, cupping, massage. We have the solution for you

Step 4


We discuss diet, self help, meditation and techniques for self treatment and empowerment

What can be done?

  • There are numerous trials supporting the positive effects of acupuncture to treat CPPS. Article #1 Article #2   Article #3
  • I have found at least 8 treatments is necessary to feel the effects and pain relief of acupuncture. (Some men notice 30-40% reduction after 2 sessions, some on the 5th).
  • The process is very safe and hygienic, and there is no pain from the ultra fine needles.
  • I can guarantee, No needles are inserted anywhere near the effected area.
  • I have treated at least 40 men with urination issues and prostate swelling and pain over the last 17 years. 
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Prostadynia/CPPS - Natura Medica Front Room

Northcote Clinic

Our brand new, purpose built clinic in Northcote is constructed with low VOC, recycled materials and locally made furniture from recycled timbers. For privacy and ease of conversation, the walls are virtually sound proof. We have professional cleaners once a week and all surfaces are disinfected between each client. Airconditioning and air flow is controlled for patient comfort and air quality. The location is very convenient, right on High St with ample parking, 1 minute from the tram stop and 5 minutes walk from Croxton station.

Chris Eddy

Chris Eddy


Chris has been treating male health, pain and fertility issues for the past 17 years. Originally a sound engineer, Chris changed paths after his own health issues 22 years ago, that were helped using Chinese medicine. Chris is a very compassionate and approachable practitioner who works hard to get to the bottom of your health issues. He has also been teaching acupuncture and medical examination at RMIT university for the last 8 years.