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Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world, with a history of over 5000 years. It is based on the holistic theory that good health is a product of balance within the body and mind, and balance between man and the environment in which he lives. Chinese Medicine theory teaches that we all have energy flowing through the body, called Qi, and that any blockage to this flow of energy or Qi may eventually manifest as illness.

Chinese Medicine is somewhat unique in that it places great emphasis on the prevention of disease. In ancient China, Chinese doctors were paid to keep their patients well. If the patient fell ill, the payment ceased until the patient got better. This method ensured that practitioners regularly monitored their patient’s health in an effort to keep them well.

The emphasis on preventive health is still very much a feature of Chinese Medicine today. Chinese Medicine also stresses the interaction between the mental, emotional and physical health of the patient, in both diagnosis and treatment of illness.

In Chinese Medicine, treatment is tailored to the individual. Treatment aims to treat the root cause of the disease as well as symptoms. The various methods used include Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture (including electro-acupuncture), Cupping Moxibustion, Tuina (Chinese Remedial Massage) and Diet-Therapy. Chinese Medicine has been shown to be effective and safe in the treatment of a wide range of disorders.


Acupuncture is a primary source of treatment, which involves inserting very fine disposable needles into the skin at specific points called acupoints, which are points on the body where the energy of the body or Qi is most concentrated. According to Chinese Medicine theory, the energy or Qi flowing through the body does so through specific channels called meridians. Illness may occur when there is blockage to this flow of Qi or energy through the meridians. The aim of acupuncture is to restore, stimulate and unblock the flow of Qi within these meridians in order to restore harmony within the body.

Most patients experience a tingling sensation or heaviness around the needle- point, leaving them feeling relaxed as the body starts to heal itself. The improved energy flow and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture promotes both physical and emotional well- being.

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Herbal Medicine

Dr Eddy tailors each formula specifically to his patients’ individual health and lifestyle needs. Some raw herb formulas may not have the best taste, but they have been proven over thousands of years to help our bodies heal themselves. Dr Eddy often offers his patients’ a choice of raw & granulated herbs as an integral part of their treatment. Sometimes herbal pills are prescribed in conjunction with the patient’s raw herbs when traveling or boiling preparation may be inconvenient.


Dr Eddy has used Chinese Medical Cupping Therapy effectively to help heal chronically sore muscles, old sports injuries, as well as a gentle remedy to clear or prevent common colds and flu. It involves the application of heated glass cups that vacuum seal on the skin, which draws stagnant blood and metabolites (such as pain chemicals) to the surface of the body. Many patients express a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation in receiving this gentle but powerful form of treatment.

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